Until Tomorrow

You never know


Here’s a list of stupid and funny quotes from the incorrigible Daisuke and other friends.

“Homo janai~!” –Nakatsu (Hana Kimi)
“If you were a Pokemon, I’d choose you.” –Daisuke
“What? He can’t beat me; he must be cheating.”
“Silly rabbit; Trix are for kids.”
“Vocabulary illiterate.”
“I’m as a straight as a circle.” –Daisuke
“I love you more than the number of attempts Team Rocket has tried to steal Pikachu.” –Daisuke
“Ann, I miss you. Let’s jump rope together when you come back.” –Daisuke
“I love the bumpy things on the road that tell me I’m a bad driver.” — 😀
“A herd of sheep led by a wolf can defeat a herd of wolves led by a sheep.”
“I’m going to remind Fry that he is a human like only a woman can.” –Leila (Futurama)
“How? By doing his laundry?” –Professor Barnesworth (Futurama)
“What the F-minus?”


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