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Mabinogi re-addiction.

Posted by kamekazen on August 19, 2008

So… I got back into Mabinogi. Again. And I also bought a Nexon card… breaking my solemn vow to myself that I would never pay for a free game. Damn it all. It’s all your fault Roderick.

Updates on my summer (since I’ve been neglecting this blog..):
**AX was effing awesome. I’ll provide pictures if I ever get around to uploading them to Photobucket.
**Been on a work hiatus since AX, totally lame since I need money to hang out and buy things.
**Started working out at the OCC gym. Freakin’ annoying because of the 9-1PM, 4-8PM hours.
**Started learning Korean! Whee~! Except, I didn’t really get past learning to read Hangul.
**Got a virus on my laptop. Bah… It’ll take me forever to reinstall all my programs.
**I am now addicted to designer toys. :/ I keep getting more expensive hobbies…
**I spend wayyyy too much time at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. Thanks Roderick.
**I am extremely disappointed in myself for not building a single Gundam this summer. Stupid rising oil costs and its adverse effect on imported goods.


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Posted by kamekazen on May 23, 2008

Whooo~ I got the job! I start on Wednesday. Starting pay isn’t much but I’ll be getting paid to do something I’d normally do anyways: play games! My job will be to play whatever game project they assign me to and record and fix English or grammar errors. On a side note, hopefully this job won’t interfere with my going to AX for the 4th of July weekend.

Besides this pleasant happening, things have been fairly dull. Duc has finals so I haven’t really seen him much (well besides yesterday when I was sort of helping him with his poster project). I haven’t hung out with my other friends since Sunday when we made mochi.

I’ve been getting kind of irritated with being back home again. I’m happy to be back with family and friends but not having my own car to drive, having to worry about UR credits transferring properly, and worrying over my financial situation really sucks.

I can’t wait for the job to start. I absolutely hate sitting at home doing nothing but surfing the internet.

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Mana Khemia. (playing on haitus until I finish my essays)

Posted by kamekazen on April 8, 2008

I bought this PS2 game on Saturday on a whim. I’d have to say that I don’t regret it in any way (besides that I’m playing the game when I should be writing essays! >_< ). It’s a fun game published by NIS and the character stats system is refreshing. You get to be Vayne, a student at a magic academy that teaches alchemy. The character stats system is called a grow book for each character. Certain items must be synthesized to unlock the next set of abilities you can put AP points in. Battle-wise, teams are made up of 3 vanguard (front guys) and 3 standby/backup guys. The characters can switch in and out of battle. So far I’m really liking the characters. The dialogue is funny and the whole being a student aspect thing is interesting. You take classes, get assignments, have free time, events, detention, and jobs.

Warning: Spoilers below. I’m going to try to keep a log of when I play. And I also bought the strategy guide. So if anyone has any questions about the game, feel free to email me or leave a comment. One last thing, I know how annoying the item synthesis process can get. I typed up the material list and where to get the items. Leave a word if you’d like it. ;D

04/07/08 – Chapter 4 – total hours 6
Ergh, I put in about 3 hours into this game today. It’s steadily getting harder and I’m actually failing some of the classes. Wah… I got detention. ;___;

04/08/08 – Chapter 4 – 9 hours
Getting through detention was hard. I kept getting lost and the monster fights got more difficult as I used up SP in previous battles.
I’m currently stuck on the school festival part. Jess has been kidnapped and I have to go through the Mana Ruins maze to get her back. The first attempt ended in failure because I had little health and SP for the battle. Second attempt is failing because nighttime hit and monsters are harder to beat then.

Score. I finally won the battle arena event. Roxis is now on my party. And I randomly got another character (Anna) too. Wheeee~ 😀 I think I’m going to try to get the strategy guide tomorrow.

04/09/08 – Chapter 5 – 11.5 hours
Whoo~ I got the guide. It’s not incredibly useful but I like having it there just in case.
I haven’t really done much but synthesize things in hope that the characters’ grow book would expand. x_X I also started doing part time jobs. They pay really well.

04/10/08 – Chapter 5 – 13 hours
I haven’t progressed in the story at all. I’ve been pretty into doing jobs and character stories. I think I’m fairly close to getting Roxis a Mana. 😀

04/11/08 – Chapter 5 – 13.5 hours
Ergh… I’m in the middle of finding out about Vayne’s father. Should prove to be interesting. 😀

05/05/08 – Chapter 6 – 17:40 hours
Whoo~! I got Roxis his mana. Now he isn’t so useless in battle anymore.
I’m mostly synthesizing now…

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Disgaea Portable.

Posted by kamekazen on October 31, 2007

Wahooo~  Disgaea Portable is out today. Life is definitely taking a turn for the better. Or possibly the worse. Aha. There goes my drive to study.

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Epic fail.

Posted by kamekazen on October 18, 2007

A couple of us were trying to… put homebrew on our PSPs and yeah. After 3 hours… epic fail man. Epic fail. I think we might have ruined a perfectly good PSP battery in our attempts. The problem is probably fixable. I know it is. I have lots of faith in the internet. So, hm. I’ll keep looking into better ways.

Update (10/19):

Boo yeah! I did it. . Take that Sony!!
Haha, oh man. In 40 minutes I managed to figure out what went wrong yesterday and figured out a way to fix the battery.

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Final Fantasy Tactics

Posted by kamekazen on October 11, 2007

I had my psychology test today. To be honest, I have no idea how I did. I don’t think I failed, but at the same time, I don’t think I did very well either… Oh well. I need to try harder next time. So I was feeling pretty out of it after the test. I totally did not feel like going to my next class (which was an hour’s wait after my test) so I decided to jump on a bus to go to a game store. 😀  Oh yeah, today is the day Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP comes out. I bought it and now I plan to spend most of the next couple of weeks playing the game.

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Posted by kamekazen on October 4, 2007

My PSP came in the mail today.  😀  It’s so pretty and shiny…  Gawd dammit all. Now I have a PSP and no games to play on the PSP. I totally did not expect play-asia.com to ship it so fast.

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Posted by kamekazen on June 6, 2007

Okage: You are Ari. A simple, rather shy, 16-year old boy. One day your sister gets cursed and can only speak in Pig Latin. Oh no’s! So your crazy father tells the family to meet in the basement. There a bottle he had found sits on the ground in the middle of a summoning circle. It turns out that Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV (or Stan) for short, was imprisoned in the bottle and was the former Evil King. The family ask Stan to cure their daughter of the wretched curse (tiay awsay nnoyingaay otay eadray). He cures her but in the process turns her shadow to pink. Oh yay. A ghost with a sense of humor. So. In return for his help, you, are enslaved. Together you two will take back the world that was once King Stan’s.

So I bought Okage the other day and didn’t have a chance to play it until today. It is hilarious. Whether it’s hilarious because it’s actually well written or because the jokes are so lame they’re funny I can’t decide yet. The awesome music and character designs have won me over though. Stan!! I shall draw a picture of Stan later. And paint him on something.

More to come when I play more of Okage.

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Phoenix Wright.

Posted by kamekazen on April 23, 2007

Trial 4 for Phoenix Wright… Done! Woot! I successfully cleared Edgeworth’s name and brought the culprit to sweet justice.

Thursday April 26, 2:50AM.

Finished Phoenix Wright. I was filled with a sense of accomplishment, joy, and much sadness.

Oh, Edgeworth, what shall I do without you? Life seems so empty without your constant objections.

Oh gawd, note to self: Deviantart is NOT the right place to look for wallpapers of anything. *shudders* An innocent search for Phoenix Wright wallpapers gone astray… Why god, why?! So many inappropriate pictures….

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