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Honey and Clover (drama) – update.

Posted by kamekazen on January 8, 2008

The first episode of Honey and Clover (drama) came out today in Japan. I saw bits of it over in Bookoff. It seemed pretty well casted. Mmm… I’m pretty sure some nice group has already subbed the episode. It’s floating around the internet. Just Google it.


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Beauty Pop

Posted by kamekazen on December 15, 2007

I just started reading this manga. It seems a lot like the drama “Bijou Shounen Celebrity”. Lots of haircutting, beauty as a theme, asshole-y guys. Mmmm… I’ll update this once I finish at least one volume of the manga.

Oh ho ho… I’m really liking this manga. I’ve gotten up to volume 3 (you can check out the manga for free here). The characters are fairly likeable. The art is pretty decent. The proportions are very nice, not like a lot of other shoujo manga (ugh… the weird proportions for all the characters). I’ll provide a short summary in a bit.

Short summary:
A trio of three talented boys are part of the Scissors Project. They have the ability to make any girl they want to become beautiful. Shougo is the genius hairstylist. Kei is the happy-go-lucky manicurist. Ochiai is the smart make-up artist/club manager. One day, a mysterious talented hairstylist (the young heroine, Kiri — what an awesome pun XD) seems to be challenging their high status as the popular SP.

Read the manga. It’s light-hearted, fun, and innocent. Be forewarned; the plot is really simple and lacks any real drama.

Aww… I just got to the last scanlated chapter. =/ Now I don’t have anything fun to read.
Oh, and I also hear that Viz bought the license for this and will be translating it for American audiences. Kinda weird… This isn’t something I’d think a lot of Americans would get into.

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Prince of Tennis (live action movie)

Posted by kamekazen on December 1, 2007

Whoa-ho-ho. I just finished watching Prince of Tennis the live action movie. Well, as I pretty much expected, it was pretty bad. The movie loosely followed the anime/manga. The movie was supposed to have covered between episodes 1 through 68, but there was only maybe 15 episodes’ worth of content. A bit of the team rankings was shown and then there were some matches between Ryouma and his father and a match versus Tezuka. Then it skips all the way to the Seigaku vs. Hyoutei arc. Hm… So 68 episodes in 2 hours… Yeah, no character development whatsoever. None of the characters had any of the charm that made them likeable in the anime. The special tennis moves each character did were obviously fake. A couple of things were changed in the movie as well. It seemed like Momo and Taka switched personalities. Ryuuzaki was a completely different person in the movie. Sakuno was no where to be seen. Instead, in her place was Hitagi’s younger mute sister (who isn’t in the anime or the manga). For more differences, see the Wiki page.
But, because I love Fuji and the guy that plays Kikumaru in the movie (Adachi Osamu), I enjoyed the movie despite all of its shortcomings.

I give this movie a 3/10 plus 1 point because I love Prince of Tennis. So a 4/10 overall.

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Attack of the Pin-up Boys (Super Junior movie)

Posted by kamekazen on November 26, 2007

Holy crap… So unlike the awesome Japanese movie I was watching early, this one was complete crap. I used to sort of like Super Junior so I thought I’d give their movie a chance. Boy was that a mistake. This movie is obviously catered to crazy Korean teen fangirls but… Dang… Even those fangirls have standards. The plot was god-awful and the script was poorly written. I can’t really fault the people acting in it because even if they were superb actors, it wouldn’t have made the movie any better. Bahhh…
I hope no one else wastes their time watching this like I did.

I give the movie a 3/10.

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Heavenly Forest (Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru)

Posted by kamekazen on November 25, 2007

I’ve been watching a lot of comedic dramas/movies during the last few days so I thought I’d try watching a more mellow movie. About 2 minutes into the movie, it struck me that the male main character was very familiar. I looked up the actor and found out that it was Hiroshi Tamaki. Aha! He is one of my favorite actors. His performance in Nodame Cantabile was superb and so I had high expectations for this movie. I wasn’t disappointed.In contrast to his role as Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile, his role in this movie was a socially awkward young man. Nothing extreme or out of the ordinary happened in this movie but I felt it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. The pace was good. The character development was excellent. It was very well casted. I felt the movie was predictable but the ending left me in tears. It was bittersweet. I won’t bother with a plot summary because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. I recommend that everyone go watch this movie. It’s beautifully made.


I give this movie a 9/10.

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Biyou Shounen Celebrity (Beauty Boys Celebrity)

Posted by kamekazen on November 22, 2007

Aha, I just finished watching the first two episodes of this drama. As I suspected, it was really cliche and cheesy. The lines the actors had to say were hilariously bad. The acting wasn’t quite Princess Princess D bad, but it’s almost there. It did make me smile and laugh though. I kept thinking about how horrible the plot/acting/characters was while I was watching but it also made me feel good inside. Oh man… I’m just hopelessly in love with sappy dramas. I can’t wait to see if it gets any worse. 😀

Ahh… a lot of people are reading this post so I guess I should write a short summary of the plot.
A team of 3 boys are part of a secret beauty salon. Now this beauty salon has a special gimmick. In her time of deepest need for beauty, the woman will receive an invitation to the salon. There, she will be given a single chance to choose of the three boys to make her perfect. The woman will receive a complete makeover: hair, clothes, makeup, etc.

I’m not going to post a link for the episodes but just google the drama name. There are a couple of torrents and downloads out there. ;D

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Honey and Clover (Drama 2008)

Posted by kamekazen on November 7, 2007

Haha… Yesssss! I just heard about this a minute ago. I can’t wait for the drama. I haven’t watched the anime, read the manga, or watched the movie yet but I’ve heard good things about Honey and Clover from friends. :] And I’m loving the casting. Ikuta Toma as male lead. Too awesome. He was an excellent actor in Hana Kimi (the only thing that kept me watching) and I’m sure he’ll do a splendid job for this drama as well. The lead female will be Narumi Riko, a really young actress (15 @_@) but with some decent experience in acting.

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Nodame Cantabile

Posted by kamekazen on September 22, 2007

I finished watching Nodame Cantabile (the Japanese drama) the other day. I think this will end up on my list of favorite dramas. It was a total of 11 episodes, something I rarely see. I usually find that dramas tend to be at least 14 episodes. The drama was beautifully executed. The characters were very well developed and they really grew on me. There was a particular scene I really liked. Chiaki (played by Hiroshi Tamaki) was struggling with personal problems; his orchestra wasn’t following his lead as a conductor, he still had reservations about going abroad and he didn’t quite know how he felt about Nodame (Ueno Juri). He was under pressure from everyone to succeed. Yet, right before his big concert, he dropped everything to jump in a taxi and go hours away to find Nodame and finally tell her how he felt about her. All the drama and careful time spent leading up to this particular scene… It was so beautiful. Ahh… I am such a sucker for love confession scenes.

Chiaki~! I shall miss you for now. I look forward to seeing you again in Nodame Cantabile 2.

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