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Posted by kamekazen on September 28, 2008

So.. There was a Korean Festival going on LA this weekend… And… Cherry Filter performed and I totally missed it ’cause I didn’t know. Such depressing news. T___________T I missed out on my favorite Korean rock band.


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  2. CY said

    The festival organizers were HORRIBLE in publicizing (or not publicizing) Cherry Filter’s performance at the festival. Even on the festival website, the last event posted for Saturday, 9/27 was the parade at 3pm. Cherry Filter performed Saturday night around 8:45pm. The only reason I knew CF was in LA was because my cousin is the bass player. He said the organizers really didn’t give them any information and the stage techs couldn’t get the sound right. During the show, there was so much feedback from the microphones, the bass and guitar players had to constantly turn their mic stands away, then the tech people turned down Youjean’s mic volume, so in between songs, they were constantly trying to adjust the sound. At one point, one the tech guys asks the bass player if it’s OK to turn the bass sound completely off. BUT, at the end of the day, they still gave one kick a** performance!! Sorry you missed it, but they loved LA so much they are going to try really hard to come back soon.

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