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Posted by kamekazen on August 27, 2008

I started school on Monday. This semester I’ll be taking an Intermediate Japanese class, Positive Psychology, Piano 1, and Fundamentals of Music. Compared to the classes I was taking at UR… this should be thankfully easy.

Haha, so I’m up late doing unneeded Japanese homework. I printed out all the chapter 1 homework and you know, I thought I’d be a nerd and get a head start and finish some of them. That is until I realized I didn’t do the required homework for the class or my psych class. Bleh. It is now 2:30AM and I still have to write a short story about myself as my introduction assignment. I am sure I will just end up writing a delightfully lame story about friendship or family or some crap. :/

So I just noticed I don’t have Microsoft Word installed on my laptop. Fffuccccckkkkkk…
It’s not that I can’t use Notepad or whatever but I’m just so used to Word. Blahhhhh..


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Bear fun!

Posted by kamekazen on August 25, 2008

😀 I stayed up playing Mabinogi (even though I told myself I’d sleep early…). I’m playing as Iorek. Wheee! It’s loads of fun. He’s stronger than my main character times two. XD

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Posted by kamekazen on August 22, 2008

I spent all day playing Mabinogi and now I’m watching “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”. I think this my weekly low. 😦

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Eff you OCC.

Posted by kamekazen on August 20, 2008

Ahem… I may or may not get my financial aid money for school because of stupid inefficiency at OCC. GRRRRR… I’m so sick of wasting gas driving there and back trying to fix my school-related problems!
I should have signed up for all GWC classes. >:/

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Mabinogi re-addiction.

Posted by kamekazen on August 19, 2008

So… I got back into Mabinogi. Again. And I also bought a Nexon card… breaking my solemn vow to myself that I would never pay for a free game. Damn it all. It’s all your fault Roderick.

Updates on my summer (since I’ve been neglecting this blog..):
**AX was effing awesome. I’ll provide pictures if I ever get around to uploading them to Photobucket.
**Been on a work hiatus since AX, totally lame since I need money to hang out and buy things.
**Started working out at the OCC gym. Freakin’ annoying because of the 9-1PM, 4-8PM hours.
**Started learning Korean! Whee~! Except, I didn’t really get past learning to read Hangul.
**Got a virus on my laptop. Bah… It’ll take me forever to reinstall all my programs.
**I am now addicted to designer toys. :/ I keep getting more expensive hobbies…
**I spend wayyyy too much time at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. Thanks Roderick.
**I am extremely disappointed in myself for not building a single Gundam this summer. Stupid rising oil costs and its adverse effect on imported goods.

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