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Posted by kamekazen on May 27, 2008

I shook Se7en’s hand today. How effing awesome is that.


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Whoa shit.

Posted by kamekazen on May 24, 2008

Ah shits, so I applied to be a baker at Mitsuwa the other day. It was kind of a joke, I didn’t think I’d be called for an interview. But… Oh god, some Japanese guy just called me about it. AHHHHHHH! I’m kind of freaking out. I have an interview at 6…. so in 2 and a half hours. Oh man, oh man.
*inhales and exhales*

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Posted by kamekazen on May 23, 2008

Whooo~ I got the job! I start on Wednesday. Starting pay isn’t much but I’ll be getting paid to do something I’d normally do anyways: play games! My job will be to play whatever game project they assign me to and record and fix English or grammar errors. On a side note, hopefully this job won’t interfere with my going to AX for the 4th of July weekend.

Besides this pleasant happening, things have been fairly dull. Duc has finals so I haven’t really seen him much (well besides yesterday when I was sort of helping him with his poster project). I haven’t hung out with my other friends since Sunday when we made mochi.

I’ve been getting kind of irritated with being back home again. I’m happy to be back with family and friends but not having my own car to drive, having to worry about UR credits transferring properly, and worrying over my financial situation really sucks.

I can’t wait for the job to start. I absolutely hate sitting at home doing nothing but surfing the internet.

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Job interview.

Posted by kamekazen on May 21, 2008

I have a job interview at [insert game company name here ;D] in Santa Ana tomorrow. I hope the interview goes well. I’ve enjoyed all the [insert company] games I’ve played and I’d welcome a chance to test their new games. 😀

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