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Mana Khemia. (playing on haitus until I finish my essays)

Posted by kamekazen on April 8, 2008

I bought this PS2 game on Saturday on a whim. I’d have to say that I don’t regret it in any way (besides that I’m playing the game when I should be writing essays! >_< ). It’s a fun game published by NIS and the character stats system is refreshing. You get to be Vayne, a student at a magic academy that teaches alchemy. The character stats system is called a grow book for each character. Certain items must be synthesized to unlock the next set of abilities you can put AP points in. Battle-wise, teams are made up of 3 vanguard (front guys) and 3 standby/backup guys. The characters can switch in and out of battle. So far I’m really liking the characters. The dialogue is funny and the whole being a student aspect thing is interesting. You take classes, get assignments, have free time, events, detention, and jobs.

Warning: Spoilers below. I’m going to try to keep a log of when I play. And I also bought the strategy guide. So if anyone has any questions about the game, feel free to email me or leave a comment. One last thing, I know how annoying the item synthesis process can get. I typed up the material list and where to get the items. Leave a word if you’d like it. ;D

04/07/08 – Chapter 4 – total hours 6
Ergh, I put in about 3 hours into this game today. It’s steadily getting harder and I’m actually failing some of the classes. Wah… I got detention. ;___;

04/08/08 – Chapter 4 – 9 hours
Getting through detention was hard. I kept getting lost and the monster fights got more difficult as I used up SP in previous battles.
I’m currently stuck on the school festival part. Jess has been kidnapped and I have to go through the Mana Ruins maze to get her back. The first attempt ended in failure because I had little health and SP for the battle. Second attempt is failing because nighttime hit and monsters are harder to beat then.

Score. I finally won the battle arena event. Roxis is now on my party. And I randomly got another character (Anna) too. Wheeee~ πŸ˜€ I think I’m going to try to get the strategy guide tomorrow.

04/09/08 – Chapter 5 – 11.5 hours
Whoo~ I got the guide. It’s not incredibly useful but I like having it there just in case.
I haven’t really done much but synthesize things in hope that the characters’ grow book would expand. x_X I also started doing part time jobs. They pay really well.

04/10/08 – Chapter 5 – 13 hours
I haven’t progressed in the story at all. I’ve been pretty into doing jobs and character stories. I think I’m fairly close to getting Roxis a Mana. πŸ˜€

04/11/08 – Chapter 5 – 13.5 hours
Ergh… I’m in the middle of finding out about Vayne’s father. Should prove to be interesting. πŸ˜€

05/05/08 – Chapter 6 – 17:40 hours
Whoo~! I got Roxis his mana. Now he isn’t so useless in battle anymore.
I’m mostly synthesizing now…


One Response to “Mana Khemia. (playing on haitus until I finish my essays)”

  1. Florence said

    Hey! I am at chapter 4 detention. Clearing spiderwebs I believe. I’m stuck cus I’ve cleared ALL the webs and nothing happens and I don’t know what to do. I hope you can tell me what to do =) Thanks a lot.

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