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Zaku II ver. 2 Char version 1/144

Posted by kamekazen on March 23, 2008

I built a Zaku II ver. 2 Char version 1/144 on Friday night. The model isn’t as nice as some 1/144’s I’ve seen but that’s okay. I was rather impressed with how well the leg joints could be manipulated to move the parts though.

Anyways, here’s a quick picture with the Zaku with all my other Gundam models.
Gundam 03/23/08
Astraea, Zaku II Type J, Flag, Unicorn, Zaku II Char version, Blue Astray, Crossbone. (click for better view)


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Quick update.

Posted by kamekazen on March 17, 2008

Well I finally got around to getting a picture of my Gundams. I’ve actually built 2 more since the last time I posted anything and modified Exia to Astraea.

Astraea, Zaku ver. II, Flag, Unicorn, Blue Astray, Crossbone:
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