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Gundam get!

Posted by kamekazen on January 29, 2008

😀 I bought Gundam Unicorn yesterday night. Hopefully it’ll get to me soon so I can build it and post pics.

Hahaha… I saw the Gundam posted on Ebay. I recognized the Ebay store name and Google’d it. Good thing I did too. The listing was for $49.95 and $12.95 for shipping. The Ebay store had a real site it was selling things from. Any hoo the site had the Gundam for a lot cheaper, $37.50 and $9 for shipping. And there was another thing, I thought I had distinctly remembered buying from this store at AX. Haha. I was right, I’ve bought lots of Gundams from them before. MmmMmm.. Hopefully their website is as good as their AX booth.

Oh, I bought from japanesetoywarehouse.com by the way. There’s a link on the right side too.

Well, the site is NOT as good as their AX booth. So I ordered 2 Gundams about a week ago right? And the site says it takes one day to process orders and then 1-2 to ship. Well… After not getting an email about anything. I got pissed and searched for their phone number. Bah… So they just ended up telling me that what I ordered was out of stock blah blah sorry blah I’m not being charged blah blah. >=/ Gawd damn it. I really wanted that Gundam.


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