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Random desk pics update.

Posted by kamekazen on January 30, 2008

Yep, so as you can probably see, the amount of crap on my desk and shelves has increased substantially.
room again


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Gundam get!

Posted by kamekazen on January 29, 2008

😀 I bought Gundam Unicorn yesterday night. Hopefully it’ll get to me soon so I can build it and post pics.

Hahaha… I saw the Gundam posted on Ebay. I recognized the Ebay store name and Google’d it. Good thing I did too. The listing was for $49.95 and $12.95 for shipping. The Ebay store had a real site it was selling things from. Any hoo the site had the Gundam for a lot cheaper, $37.50 and $9 for shipping. And there was another thing, I thought I had distinctly remembered buying from this store at AX. Haha. I was right, I’ve bought lots of Gundams from them before. MmmMmm.. Hopefully their website is as good as their AX booth.

Oh, I bought from japanesetoywarehouse.com by the way. There’s a link on the right side too.

Well, the site is NOT as good as their AX booth. So I ordered 2 Gundams about a week ago right? And the site says it takes one day to process orders and then 1-2 to ship. Well… After not getting an email about anything. I got pissed and searched for their phone number. Bah… So they just ended up telling me that what I ordered was out of stock blah blah sorry blah I’m not being charged blah blah. >=/ Gawd damn it. I really wanted that Gundam.

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A dog?

Posted by kamekazen on January 17, 2008

So I plan to get a dog as soon as I get back for summer vacation (which is unfortunately months away :[ ). The dog can’t be big (bah, I kinda want an Akita or husky) ’cause my home is way too small to accommodate for large dogs. I’m considering a Spitz (Finnish, German, or Japanese preferred), Shiba Inu, or a corgi. I have no idea where I’d get any of these breeds. They’re kinda hard to come by. I’ve been browsing pet ads and rescue agencies without much luck. D: I’d buy from a breeder but I totally don’t have $500 to pay for a puppy. Eh… I guess I’m in no hurry. Not like I can adopt a dog while I’m in school in Rochester anyways.

If anyone knows where I can find any of those dogs I’d appreciate the information. I’d need the dog to be relatively close to LA/Orange County.

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Posted by kamekazen on January 11, 2008

Duc and I went to the screening of Cloverfield today. It was totally intense and full of suspense. All of you guys should go watch it. It was like Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla (the American bastardization of the Japanese classic). Pretty intense shit yo. Haha, oh man. No, don’t watch it. I mean, I watched it. But I only did it because it was a free screening and I got a hat and shirt out of it. I kept laughing during the movie. I was probably the only one… Everyone one else was screaming. They (Paramount/movie distribution people?) made us answer questions on camera to get free stuff. And me and Duc… We tried (and failed) to say positive things about the movie. It was real hard making up stuff.

Here’s a trailer in case someone doesn’t know what movie I’m talking about.

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Honey and Clover (drama) – update.

Posted by kamekazen on January 8, 2008

The first episode of Honey and Clover (drama) came out today in Japan. I saw bits of it over in Bookoff. It seemed pretty well casted. Mmm… I’m pretty sure some nice group has already subbed the episode. It’s floating around the internet. Just Google it.

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