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Prince of Tennis (live action movie)

Posted by kamekazen on December 1, 2007

Whoa-ho-ho. I just finished watching Prince of Tennis the live action movie. Well, as I pretty much expected, it was pretty bad. The movie loosely followed the anime/manga. The movie was supposed to have covered between episodes 1 through 68, but there was only maybe 15 episodes’ worth of content. A bit of the team rankings was shown and then there were some matches between Ryouma and his father and a match versus Tezuka. Then it skips all the way to the Seigaku vs. Hyoutei arc. Hm… So 68 episodes in 2 hours… Yeah, no character development whatsoever. None of the characters had any of the charm that made them likeable in the anime. The special tennis moves each character did were obviously fake. A couple of things were changed in the movie as well. It seemed like Momo and Taka switched personalities. Ryuuzaki was a completely different person in the movie. Sakuno was no where to be seen. Instead, in her place was Hitagi’s younger mute sister (who isn’t in the anime or the manga). For more differences, see the Wiki page.
But, because I love Fuji and the guy that plays Kikumaru in the movie (Adachi Osamu), I enjoyed the movie despite all of its shortcomings.

I give this movie a 3/10 plus 1 point because I love Prince of Tennis. So a 4/10 overall.


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  1. ibti said

    do you know where i can watch it on line

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