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Finished scarf.

Posted by kamekazen on November 16, 2007

After 3 days, approximately 12 hours of crocheting, I’ve finally finished my scarf. Here are a couple of pictures of it. I might add some light blue trimming to make it a bit wider when I get the time. I messed up a couple of times but overall I’m pleased with how it turned out.

scarf pic 1
scarf pic 2


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Posted by kamekazen on November 14, 2007

I recently relearned how to crochet. ūüėÄ It’s pretty awesome. I got hooked on it (haha get it? hooked? XD) and spent 6 hours (of which I should have spent studying) crocheting a scarf. I had made a case for my mp3 player over the weekend. Here are some pictures:


mp3 player case

felt things (named Cancer and Alzheimer)

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Wah… =/

Posted by kamekazen on November 13, 2007

I’ve been studying so much for the last two weeks. The exams just seem like they won’t stop coming. Ahhh… continuous onslaught of tests! I feel like I’m going to die from forcing my self to study. I have an essay exam due tomorrow at 12:30PM (which I’ve been working on for the past few hours) and I have my BCS110 exam on Thursday. Boo.

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Crochet Octopus.

Posted by kamekazen on November 12, 2007

Instead of studying for another couple of hours, I decided to start crocheting an octopus. The design I’m following is here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=114316.0 . Now I don’t know much about crocheting but it seems easy enough so far. I’m currently finished with the top of the head. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this in the next couple of days. I’d try to finish tonight but I have work tomorrow. ¬†X_x ¬†I’ll post pictures of my progress if I get the time to.

Wahhh…¬†I¬†didn’t¬†count¬†my¬†stitches¬†(or¬†rows¬†for¬†that¬†matter)¬†and¬†now¬†the¬†body¬†of¬†the¬†octopus¬†is¬†way¬†smaller¬†than¬†the¬†pattern. I’ll have to either fix it or make the legs a lot smaller. I think I’ll just leave it and try to do the legs. I’ll just start another octopus after this one.


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Posted by kamekazen on November 10, 2007

I think today ended up being one of my best days at this school this year. It started off pretty slow. I had work for 5 hours and the only real work I did during the time was doing my mail run. Then I spent some time back at my dorm just chilling in front of my laptop. Then there was Anime Club meeting. It was an alright turnout but we played musical chairs for a bit. That was amusing. The anime we ended up watching was Lovely Complex and this other weird anime called Higurashi. Higurashi had horrible art but the story was enticingly creepy.We watched anime until 9:30ish. Max, Michael, Jason and I then went off campus to get Chinese food. We brought the food back to CIF to hang out and eat. I had a pretty good time there. For the first time since last semester, I played Smash Bros Melee. And for the first time since forever, it wasn’t competitively.

of that this year. I hope to hang out with the Anime Club people more. Max is a good guy. So is Michael. I want to try to hang out with the freshmen as well.

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Posted by kamekazen on November 7, 2007

Haha, it snowed today! Well I guess it was sort of snow. It was more like frozen drizzle. But yeahhh!! There’ll be lots of snow in no time! Can’t wait to run around outside and feel like I’m freezing in 5 minutes.


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Honey and Clover (Drama 2008)

Posted by kamekazen on November 7, 2007

Haha… Yesssss! I just heard about this a minute ago. I can’t wait for the drama. I haven’t watched the anime, read the manga, or watched the movie yet but I’ve heard good things about Honey and Clover from friends. :] And I’m loving the casting. Ikuta Toma as male lead. Too awesome. He was an excellent actor in Hana Kimi (the only thing that kept me watching) and I’m sure he’ll do a splendid job for this drama as well. The lead female will be Narumi Riko, a really young actress (15 @_@) but with some decent experience in acting.

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Happy Birthday to me.

Posted by kamekazen on November 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to me. I’m officially a year older. Whoo hoo.
Well, back to studying for my exam which happens to be later today. Happy birthday to me indeed.

Hmm…¬†Well¬†I¬†guess¬†my¬†birthday¬†turned¬†out¬†alright.¬†I¬†had¬†an¬†exam¬†and¬†didn’t¬†do¬†anything¬†special. Aw man, I hope I did alright on the exam. My grade’s on the line between acceptable and fail. But¬†I¬†got¬†birthday wishes on Facebook. And I also bought myself the 1/144¬†Exia¬†model on hjl.com. I’m paying for SAL shipping so it won’t get to me anytime soon. That’s okay though… I have tests next week too. =/ MmmMm… I think I might get the Blade Liger model while I’m at it too. The Kotobukiya model is real nice. Except for the shipping (probably about $15!).
Ah, I did give back the Ipod I found. I’m glad I did it.

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Posted by kamekazen on November 3, 2007

I found a new Ipod nano out on the grass in front of my dorm. Not quite sure how I can get it back to its owner. All I know is… the owner is probably a girl and she likes techno and 2Pac.


::edit 2::
I returned the Ipod to Peter. ūüėÄ

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