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Black Friday~

Posted by kamekazen on November 23, 2007

This year was my first for going Black Friday shopping. We planned to go at 3AM to Best Buy to buy a 500gb harddrive for $99.99 (quite the deal  :D). We got to Best Buy around 3:30. Man… It was snowing out! We stood in line for the next hour and half, waiting to get inside. It wasn’t too bad. I was wearing 3 layers on top and two on bottom and also a beanie. The line of people waiting to get inside Best Buy was pretty ridiculous. When we first got there, it must have been about 300 people long. By the time it was time to go inside, it was probably at least 500 people long. The news crews were in the parking lot interviewing people. We got inside around 5 and spent the next hour getting the harddrive, wandering, and then standing in the long line for checking out. The place was really crowded. There was people packed in every aisle.
😀  I thought it was a fun experience. It turned out to be a fun hangout with friends.

I really need to go to sleep now. I’m so tired from all the standing in lines and waiting. x_x;


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