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Disgaea Portable.

Posted by kamekazen on October 31, 2007

Wahooo~  Disgaea Portable is out today. Life is definitely taking a turn for the better. Or possibly the worse. Aha. There goes my drive to study.


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8eight – 사이 (Feat. 선예, 예은 of Wondergirls & Pdogg)

Posted by kamekazen on October 31, 2007

I was searching for a new band to listen to and I came across 8eight. They are mixed pop and R&B Korean group. Their music is refreshing. The songs are fairly original. The singers are incredible both on the CD and on live performances. I especially like “사이 (Feat. 선예, 예은 of Wondergirls & Pdogg)”. I’ll try posting the lyrics if I find any.

Sarang ira hagien mugeopgo johahanda hagin gabyeoungeol
Baby what you think about gameun du nun saenggageul geuryeo
Nae mam gyesok keojyeoga ani nae nun sogeul chaewo ooh girl

Nae son gadeuk ne ongi saranghanda malhaneun ne nunbit
Hajiman geu ipsul mareul mothae dugeundaeneun soriman deullyeo
Jogeumman deo dagawa geu ipsullo anabwa ooh girl

* Naneun negeseo (nareul neukkigo) neoneun naegeseo (neoreul barago)
Ipgae beonjineun misoro naege malhaejwo
Baby I wanna say I love you

* repeat

Eonjena naege dagaolkka dugeundaeneun nae mam deutdo isseulkka
Ne nun soge naega gadeukhae sigani meomchwojin neukkim
Nan geunyang du nun gamgo ireoke neol gidaryeo ooh boy~

Nae maeumi kkeunimeopsi malhae neowa hamkke hago sipdago
I don’t know what u think about neodo jigeum nae mam gateulkka
Sarangiran geo jal molla geunyang geudaeroui nal bwajwo ooh boy~

* repeat

Naneun negeseo (nareul neukkigo) neoneun naegeseo (neoreul barago)
Saranghae geu mareul ijeneun naege malhaejwo
Baby I wanna say I love you

Ajikkkaji sarangiran mwonji moreuji heeojigo naseo chakgak
Aswiumman namgigoseo hangsang ttok gateun motdoen sarang hagineun jeongmal sireo na
Neoreul manna cheoeumeuro doraga nae gaseumi dasi ttwigi sijakhae

Ne jip ap garosu deungbul arae oneulttara ne eolgul neomu hwanhae
Nutty and sweet Ngeukgwa Sgeugi matdaktteurideut bajjak dagaga
Geureona maeumman gulttuk ginjanghae keunsoriro kkulkkeok
Igeo cham myohae simjangui sorireul malhadeut joyonghi nuneul gamgo urin sarangeul soksagyeo

* repeat

Naneun negeseo (nareul neukkigo) neoneun naegeseo (neoreul barago)
Saranghae geu mareul ijeneun naege malhaejwo
Baby I wanna say I love you

(creds to JULIE` from z-degrees.net/forums)

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Posted by kamekazen on October 31, 2007

I’ve been really tired lately. Tired of work, tired of school, tired of constant failure. I don’t get enough sleep for the dumbest reasons; reasons that I can’t pin on anyone but myself. School seems like an endless, vicious cycle of essays and tests. Work is almost unbearably monotonous. All the studying I do is futile, seeing as how I get the same horrible grades again and again. Well I guess my grades aren’t that bad yet. I’m not failing any classes, but at the rate my grades are going down… It makes me not want to care anymore. At this point, I’d be more than satisfied with C minuses in the classes I’m struggling in. I’ve been staying up late at night for numerous reasons. One being that I play video games until I can’t see anymore. That way I won’t have to lay there and think about how unhappy I am with how my life is going. I also stay up reading and studying for various tests. They just never stop coming.
Argh. I can only hope that things will pick up after my next batch of tests.

I miss you guys.

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Meliora Weekend

Posted by kamekazen on October 22, 2007

This weekend was Meliora Weekend. It’s a weekend of talks, panels, shows, and whatever for students and family. Walking around campus, I saw pretty much everyone walking around with their family, smiling and having fun showing their loved ones the school. I don’t know how I felt. A part of me was indescribably sad. There have always been times while I’m at this school that I’ll get lonely and sad but… Seeing everyone else so happy with their families… That hit me pretty hard. I haven’t seen my family and old friends for two months now. I miss my mom, Duc, home, the car, the freedom, and my brother. I didn’t stay on campus much this weekend. In fact, I pretty much stayed away from campus. I went to the mall yesterday. Today I went to Pittsford Plaza. I needed to get away from everything. But… I can’t escape this feeling of loneliness. I can’t help missing family and friends from home but even in Rochester, I’m missing friends. I miss all my old upperclassmen friends from last year, I miss Derek, I miss my old roommates, I miss having hallmates pop in my room at random times to talk, I miss being a part of a group. It also doesn’t help that I’m mad at Duc for playing his game so much that he doesn’t even bother calling me anymore.
Well, hopefully I won’t feel this lonely for long. I’ll try to cheer up. At least I have a hacked PSP now. 😀

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Epic fail.

Posted by kamekazen on October 18, 2007

A couple of us were trying to… put homebrew on our PSPs and yeah. After 3 hours… epic fail man. Epic fail. I think we might have ruined a perfectly good PSP battery in our attempts. The problem is probably fixable. I know it is. I have lots of faith in the internet. So, hm. I’ll keep looking into better ways.

Update (10/19):

Boo yeah! I did it. . Take that Sony!!
Haha, oh man. In 40 minutes I managed to figure out what went wrong yesterday and figured out a way to fix the battery.

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Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Posted by kamekazen on October 17, 2007

I had an Animal Minds exam essay due today. Yesterday, I spent hours revising what I had written on Sunday until it was pretty decent. Then I thought I’d have some time today to fix it up a bit and then print it out to turn it in. Argh. After I had eaten lunch, I went into the library to do the revising. I opened up the file from my USB drive and damn it all, it was the wrong draft of the essay. At this point, I had about 30 minutes until class. My dorm, where my laptop with the correct draft on it, is a 15 minute walk from where I was at best. I tried taking the bus, thinking it might save me time. Wrong. I ended wasting maybe 5 more minutes than it would’ve taken me to just walk the entire way back to my dorm room. I went back to my room, printed the essay, and started walking fast back to school. I was 8 minutes late but whatever. Wish I had had the chance to revise my essay before turning it in though. There were a few parts that were still wordy that I would have liked to clarify. =/

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Final Fantasy Tactics

Posted by kamekazen on October 11, 2007

I had my psychology test today. To be honest, I have no idea how I did. I don’t think I failed, but at the same time, I don’t think I did very well either… Oh well. I need to try harder next time. So I was feeling pretty out of it after the test. I totally did not feel like going to my next class (which was an hour’s wait after my test) so I decided to jump on a bus to go to a game store. 😀  Oh yeah, today is the day Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP comes out. I bought it and now I plan to spend most of the next couple of weeks playing the game.

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Posted by kamekazen on October 8, 2007


Duc and I went to H&M at the Irvine Spectrum this last summer. We tried on all sorts of ridiculous things. And yeah, Duc took this picture of me. Oh yeah, I’m too cool.

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Gawd damn buses.

Posted by kamekazen on October 6, 2007

I was waiting for the bus to get to the mall. I got to the bus stop 10 minutes early. I waited there all until 15 minutes after the bus should have stopped by. Gawd damn it all. I had forgotten that the bus drivers arbitrarily pick whether to go by my dorm’s bus stop or not. Luck was not with me today. =/

In other news, I got a toaster (which is not allowed in the dorms at my school…), a case for my PSP, and a new messenger bag. Whoo. Yay for spending money.

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Posted by kamekazen on October 5, 2007

Bah, I’m sick and not getting much better. I had to skip most of work because I felt like I was going to just collapse.

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