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Lovely Complex

Posted by kamekazen on September 30, 2007

We watched the first 3 episodes of Lovely Complex on Friday during the Anime Club meeting. It was pretty awesome. I haven’t laughed that much while watching an anime since Ouran High School Host Club. The anime is about a tall girl (5’7”) and a short boy (5’1”) who slowly fall in love. It’s like the stereotypical romance comedy. I thought the anime might be like the movie, rushed and lacking in good full character development but it’s not. Otani and Koizumi are always there for each other and there’s a sweet ending.

My favorite part has to be how everyone talks in Kansai-ben. Aha. I love Kansai-ben. Everything just seems so much funnier when spoken in Kansai-ben.

Chau, chau, chigau~~~~


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