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Lovely Complex

Posted by kamekazen on September 30, 2007

We watched the first 3 episodes of Lovely Complex on Friday during the Anime Club meeting. It was pretty awesome. I haven’t laughed that much while watching an anime since Ouran High School Host Club. The anime is about a tall girl (5’7”) and a short boy (5’1”) who slowly fall in love. It’s like the stereotypical romance comedy. I thought the anime might be like the movie, rushed and lacking in good full character development but it’s not. Otani and Koizumi are always there for each other and there’s a sweet ending.

My favorite part has to be how everyone talks in Kansai-ben. Aha. I love Kansai-ben. Everything just seems so much funnier when spoken in Kansai-ben.

Chau, chau, chigau~~~~


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Money spending.

Posted by kamekazen on September 28, 2007

Argh. I just bought a Sony video/mp3 player about 2 weeks ago. And now I just ordered a PSP Slim from playasia.com. Oh man… I gotta stop spending money like this, at least until I get my first paycheck.

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First test.

Posted by kamekazen on September 27, 2007

I had my first test of the semester today. It was for Neural Foundations of Behavior. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I expected it to be a lot harder (because the course syllabus said the first third of the semester was hardest) and I also expected it to be more on neurons. The test was about one half neurons and action potentials and one half brain anatomy and functions. I didn’t know the test would be so thorough about brain part functions so I didn’t study as hard as I should have for it. I mean, I had studied for hours this entire week for the thing but if I had known brain part functions would be such an integral part… I would have studied that more. Argh. I’ll just have to try harder next time. And hopefully, I did alright on this test.

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First day of work.

Posted by kamekazen on September 24, 2007

Ugh. I had my first day of work today. It sucked. I managed to get the boss mad. And what was she mad over? Me showing iniative and going to the other building to help out instead of sitting at the desk doing nothing. Last time I ever show iniative at work…
Mmm.. So aside from that, I’m doing the same old stuff for ECE. Lots of filing, shredding paper, copying, delivering mail.

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Nodame Cantabile

Posted by kamekazen on September 22, 2007

I finished watching Nodame Cantabile (the Japanese drama) the other day. I think this will end up on my list of favorite dramas. It was a total of 11 episodes, something I rarely see. I usually find that dramas tend to be at least 14 episodes. The drama was beautifully executed. The characters were very well developed and they really grew on me. There was a particular scene I really liked. Chiaki (played by Hiroshi Tamaki) was struggling with personal problems; his orchestra wasn’t following his lead as a conductor, he still had reservations about going abroad and he didn’t quite know how he felt about Nodame (Ueno Juri). He was under pressure from everyone to succeed. Yet, right before his big concert, he dropped everything to jump in a taxi and go hours away to find Nodame and finally tell her how he felt about her. All the drama and careful time spent leading up to this particular scene… It was so beautiful. Ahh… I am such a sucker for love confession scenes.

Chiaki~! I shall miss you for now. I look forward to seeing you again in Nodame Cantabile 2.

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JM barbecue!

Posted by kamekazen on September 15, 2007

Japanese/Anime Club had a barbecue today. It was pretty awesome. It was raining on and off but about 20 people in total showed up. Many of the people there were new to the club. I was glad. A lot of food was bought and I didn’t know what we’d do with it if it wasn’t all eaten. We cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and some corn. A bunch of people smashed the two watermelons we had bought for the purpose of smashing. :] ‘Twas a good general hang out, get-to-know-each-other event.
Some of us went to the local anime store afterwards. I wasted money on some gashapon and “Ping Pong” the Japanese movie I saw part of at AX.

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Posted by kamekazen on September 13, 2007

Fuck you Chase Banking and your hidden fees.

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Posted by kamekazen on September 3, 2007

I made rice krispie treats today. Almost f—ed up. Almost. Turned out pretty awesome though. Parts of the bottom were caramelized.  😀  I also made fried rice. No comment on that one.

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