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Financial aid woes.

Posted by kamekazen on August 15, 2007

After calling the UR financial aid office and my preferred lender, things basically went in a circle. I can’t apply for a loan on the bank’s site without my financial aid office’s approval but the office told me they can’t do anything until I try applying. Great. So how do I even start? I call the financial aid office again and then I was informed that I did not qualify for the Federal Stafford loan, the loan I was trying to apply for. Now, the loan is based on information I gave for the FAFSA and my financial need. How can I not qualify for this need-based loan based on the information I gave? Ergh. Now I don’t want to put any numbers down but trust me, anyone looking at my FAFSA would have told me, yeah, you qualify for the stupid loan. So now I am stuck trying to apply for loans with ridiculous interest rates. And did I mention I am already late on the tuition bill? Money woes suck.


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Posted by kamekazen on August 11, 2007

Oh dear. Disgaea has taken over my life.

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Bank of America, screw you.

Posted by kamekazen on August 7, 2007

I’ve always disliked Bank of America. It’s mostly been because my first bank was Wellsfargo and I feel some sort of attached loyalty to that bank but…
Yeah, I really dislike Bank of America. I’m always getting charged for some hidden fee or getting charged for something I didn’t know about (like those not so free checks you cads).
Now I had been there a week before to ask about a credit they asked me about and I had foolishly agreed to be signed up for. That was about a month ago. I still hadn’t received their stupid card. So I was at the bank complaining about it. The manager of the bank called some probably useless people up and assured me that my card will be sent to bank and I could pick it up in a week. One of the personal bankers there also told me I could get a new debit card with my picture on it. I said sure. The picture was taken and again I was reassured that in a week everything would be sent to the bank and I could pick it up and be on my jolly way. So I stopped by the bank again today to get my credit card and debit card and to ask about college loans. Turns out the bank did not have my credit card or my debit card yet. Great. Already irritated, I asked the girl if she could answer my questions about college loans. I just wanted to know the interest rate and how much I could take out. She spent the next couple of minutes informing that she could not help me in any shape or form and told me that I should be doing it all online. Oh man. What is the point of having personal bankers if they don’t try helping you? And not only did this girl not help me but her body language while she was telling me about how she couldn’t possibly help me said that she was real irritated that she did not want me to waste her time with legitimate questions. I left the bank and drove to Wellsfargo, which happened to be right down the street. The personal banker I asked about loans had no idea how to help me so he called a coworker over. That guy was pretty awesome. He told me everything I needed to know about getting a loan from Wellsfargo, that the interest rate should be around 5-6%, and that he couldn’t help me directly at the bank but some nice people from the loan department would call me and talk to me.
Thank you Wellsfargo. Screw you Bank of America for your lousy customer service and hidden fees.

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