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Freebies in Life.

Posted by kamekazen on July 14, 2007

My mom tells me I got something in the mail and hands the letter to me. I open it. There’s a travel voucher for $1600 and a ticket for two for a cruise. I could go to Florida, Las Vegas, or Mexico. I’m just thinking to myself: damn, that’s hell of a lot of free money. It seems like a great opportunity to go somewhere fun. Yeah, perhaps it’s too great. It’s probably a scam. Or I might be missing out on a free vacation. Dang, even the vouchers seem legit. They’re getting pretty good at this (if it’s a scam). Well, I won’t be fooled. I keep thinking there’s no such thing as something free in this world. Someone is always paying for it. And it better not be me.
Sigh, being cynical and suspicious takes all the fun out of life. Now I’ll never know if I could have had an awesome free vacation.


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A work story.

Posted by kamekazen on July 10, 2007

Funny thing happened at work today. Or actually, it wasn’t so funny at the time.
I was pretty annoyed.
This elderly lady walks up to the cash register and buys a 4 dollar item. She takes
out a 10 dollar bill to pay with. I give her back her $6. Then she gives me back two
5 dollar bills asking for a 10 dollar bill. Then she changes her mind and says she wants
a twenty. So she takes out a couple of more dollars, enough for a 20 bill. At this point
I was already suspicious and annoyed but I change the money for her anyways.
Now she wants a 50 dollar bill. I was still holding 20 dollars in 5’s and 1’s. She takes out
a twenty and a ten and asks for a 50. I give her this slightly confused “what the hell
are you thinking look”. She asks for the 50 again. I tell her no and explain that I can’t
give her 50 for her 30. She really doesn’t get it. After a minute she puts the money
away and I put the twenty in change back in the register. She asks for a twenty. I tell
her that I had already given her back the money that I owed her for the transaction.
After a bit of me staring at her she suddenly remembers that I’m right and apologizes
and walks away.
Yeah right. Wonder how many places she’s pulled this stunt at and how many times she
got money from a confused cashier. I really don’t like people who try to steal.

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